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STD: 8.26.12 | Shearon Van Riggins offers 5th gross summer time gaming

STD: 8.26.12 | Shearon Van Riggins offers 5th gross summer time gaming

Shearon got so determined with the eHarmony cat-lover which needed to making an awesome training video of our own personalized. We hope you like it! If you’re looking for Shearon, bypass eHarmony and satisfy e-mail.

First of all, the motivational video clip. You must enjoy they first of all:

At this point, for our effort at dating online:

Scissor Sisters Upon Function


ABSOLUTELY FREE w/ admission stub | $5 without …obvi an individual dont need to go within the live concert to get to the following party!

Wednesday, June 8 | 9 PM to shut @ place (2009 8th block NW) tunes by Disk Jockey Shea Van Horn (MIXTAPE) & Disc Jockey Aaron Riggins (WTF)

OOH! hey LINDA. on Wednesday, June 8, the scissor sisters become taking part in with the 9:30 organization, and also for shearon van riggins, they CAN NOT APPEAR FAST ENOUGH. which is because we’ve acquired another technique to party following the tv show which goes SOMETHING SUCH AS THESE. as soon as the show, continue with the INVISIBLE LAMP to village, and is only on THE OTHER SIDE regarding the streets from your 9:30 club, therefore there’s no reason not to arrived. you can BRING YOUR MAMA to the event, all of us hear she becomes off on Love-making AND BRUTALITY, and there’ll get enough both with the after group. therefore put-on anything soooo SKIN TIGHT that it renders an individual COMFORTABLY NUMB. yea, recognize it’s a monday nights, but most people don’t need find out any bullshit like, “we DONT THINK DANCIN”…come Each WHICH WAY you can easily.

All You Can Try Consuming: Kylie

All That You Can Enjoy: KYLIE! April 23, 2011 10:00 PM DC9 – 1940 9th St NW 21 + $5 Cover Disc Jockey Shea Van Horn Disc Jockey Aaron Riggins Youtube and twitter: @ShearonVRiggins

Shearon Van Riggins are moist with euphoria about Kylie’s coming live concert inside the DC place on April 30. Therefore, we’re tossing a party the Saturday before.

We become aware of they WITHIN YOUR EYES–ON A NIGHT SIMILAR THIS–YOUR DISCO NEEDS you to definitely ENTER your WORLD for every night of Kylie. Shearon invites you to definitely our personal basic “All possible Eat” boogie event, a CELEBRATION of one’s preferred music artists. These times we praise all of our FANCY TO START WITH VISION for RED-BLOODED FEMALE, Kylie Minogue. Purchase OUTTA simple form because EVERY FANATICS can be present SPINNING to per night of all-Kylie paths ESPECIALLY FOR your.

Shearon Van Riggins Area Journey: B-I-N-G-O!

Don’t forget when you accustomed perform bingo games with your grandmother? Wasn’t that fun? Anyone can play Bingo with Shearon Van Riggins also grandmothers inside the Knights of Columbus Bingo area.

Get in on the gaggle fulfilling at 6:00 PM during the Krispy Kreme Doughnuts at Dupont ring taking the (arms gone through) 6:15 PM Red series practice to wood Glen Metro. Consequently, it’s simply a Uncategorized

Shearon is definitely passionate MEN’s brand new individual “that are we to Feel So Free (job. Antony)” a whole lot that individuals made videos. Secret! Check it out.

Guy – whom are I a taste of So 100 % free (task. Antony)

Today, Shearon says you must support the specialist by acquiring the song.

Hibernation is difficult. We’re awake and we’re overpowering the annual Saturgays for the playground winter months subject travel.

Awaken your very own inner Johnny Weir or the not-so-inner Tanya Harding. Shearon Van Riggins would like attempt skating therefore we want you in to the future with our company. Seek out their feather-trimmed leotards and focus the skates. Shearon is actually organizing an industry vacation to the nationwide photoset of skill Sculpture back garden frost Rink.

This whole ice skating thing is fairly popular, very we’re getting here around noon and a cure for the best time position. Skate periods previous about couple of hours, you could quit early, skateboarding is difficult.

Skate Leasing: $3.00

BYOG (Provide Your Own Personal Glitter)

Wigs and fun caps are generally clearly recommended.

At 3 PM, after upsetting the many other skaters with our fantastical velocity and advances, we’ll walk/taxi just six short locks to Coco Sala for very hot Cocoa positive hr. Dark chocolate is sort of their own factor. Therefore, purchase a hot cocoa and perhaps booze upward.

We’d love to look at you twirling and falling in the rink and having cozy at Coco Sala, but we’ll take you any which technique we’re datingmentor.org/nl/dil-mil-overzicht/ able to. Shearon will see you at rink and/or Coco Sala.


Saturgays in the playground presents Shearon Van Riggins On snow.

Saturday, January 29, 2011


Nationwide Set Of Pics of Benefits Sculpt Landscaping Frost Rink